inclusion in is proud to announce the inaugural EDI Awards powered by WiHTL & DiR. These awards are dedicated to celebrating and recognising outstanding achievements in equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) within the Hospitality, Travel, Leisure and Retail sectors

This is what we do

We are a team of equity, diversity and inclusion experts focused on delivering bespoke, industry leading solutions for the hospitality, travel, leisure and retail sectors. We help organisations advance along their EDI journey by producing tailor-made programmes, resources and content.

We have decades of experience working with organisations large and small, local and global, helping them to create inclusive cultures where everybody feels welcome. We love what we do, we make it fun, we bring insights, innovative solutions and a good dose of pragmatism.

We offer a wide suite of creative, insightful and impactful solutions. We work with you to tailor them to your needs and expectations ensuring they are right for you wherever you might be on your diversity journey. From inclusion surveys and audits to running focus groups to identify the obstacles your employees face in the workplace, from delivering inclusive development programmes for your leaders to creating awareness programmes, we help you create inclusive work environments that benefit all.

Who we are

We are a team of enthusiastic, purpose driven inclusion experts with very diverse backgrounds and experiences. We have lived in different countries and worked across various industries. We are storytellers and connectors.

What people say about us

“The ILJP Programme has informed us, educated us and made us reflect on ‘how’ we can deliver our approach to inclusivity. The inclusion in team have adapted the content of the programme to the needs of our organisation. They opened our eyes to the diverse lived experiences different people have in the workplace. It was a very inclusive workshop and we were on a discovery journey together. Their industry experience is highly relevant and relatable. I would not hesitate to recommend the inclusion in team.”

Dawn Browne
People and Talent Director
Fuller Smith & Turner

“Thank you for executing this seamlessly. We gave you the brief and you went away and just did it. You were to the brief, to the timescale, and to the agreed strategy. There was no way that Hilton would have got to this point, with as much insight, without inclusion in as business partners.”

Emma Banks
Vice President F&B EMEA

“The biggest output of the ILJP for both myself and the Exec Team was starting a process of considerate leadership, where every decision we make now is sense checked against: Is that an inclusive action? Will all of our workforce appreciate that decision, or actually, does it need to be a broader decision or a different decision or to reflect the diversity of our workforce, and to be truly inclusive?”

Martin Williams
Rare Restaurants

“Our partnership with inclusion in has really helped to inform our key areas of focus to underpin our new D&I strategy. We have a strong 12-month plan thanks to inclusion in that will really help us understand how we can be even more diverse and inclusive in the future.”

Ian Glendinning
Reward & Policy Director

“We engaged inclusion in to undertake a review of our colleague lifecycle through a diversity and inclusion lens and to identify areas for improvement. To say that we were impressed with the work that they did, the recommendations they made and how much they cared would be a complete understatement. They helped give us a springboard to really set the bar high to accelerate our journey in this space.”

Louise Hughes
People Director
Moto Hospitality

“The ILJP sessions provided sensitive challenge to a complex and evolving area of opportunity for our sector. The team from inclusion in are engaging, experienced and their framework helped us to plot the appropriate next steps for our business. Prepare to enjoy being uncomfortable, because the benefits to better understanding are unquantifiable and something we should all be aiming for.”

Fred Turner
Retail Director
Companies we work with