case study: Specsavers

inclusion in worked with 35 year old family run business Specsavers to deliver an Employee Lifecycle Audit. This audit set about to critically review the HR policies and processes currently in place for employees through a diversity and inclusion lens.

With a bespoke approach to assessing each part of an employees career, from attraction, to being recruited and onboarded, right through their natural career pathway, inclusion in assessed how Specsavers could focus their efforts and resources on the most impactful actions to increase candidate pools and minimise attrition of the best diverse talent.


Specsavers wanted to identify any conscious or unconscious barriers that may potentially limit the tenure and progression of people within their organisation who have one or several protected characteristics, so that opportunities to thrive and move into more senior positions in leadership could always be an option for all employees.


Working with the HR Team to explore first-hand what processes are used, how policies are written, how internal comms work and what staff satisfaction surveys have resulted in, inclusion in created a diagnostic report detailing exactly what seems to be working well, and what seems to be getting in the way of achieving an inclusive culture. 

Our team reported back which specific things needed to be worked on, categorised by data measurement and reporting, vision values and strategy, policies and consistency between various areas of the business. 


As a family run business running for over 35 years, it was crucial to take a tailored approach with this project in order to find a solution which appropriately suited the organisation.

As as result of the Employee Lifecycle Audit, further Executive sponsorship has been sought and secured to demonstrate how integral the EDI vision is to the future of Specsavers. 

All action points have been prioritised and given clear timings so that the senior leadership team can work towards a 1 year, 3 year and 5 year vision. 

“The inclusion in team invested time and achieved a deep understanding of our history and context, conducted research and added significant value. We were delighted with the quality of the output and the insights that they presented to us.” Ian Glendinning, Reward  – Policy Director at Specsavers.