case study: SD Worx

SD Worx, a leading European provider of people solutions in over 18 countries, have an ambition to become ‘one international inclusive company’, where diversity is valued, and work environments are free from biases, so everyone is able to thrive and understands the role they play in creating an inclusive workplace. To support this SD Worx decided to launch a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) Charter detailing their aspirations and commitments. SD Worx approached inclusion in to support them in delivering this Charter.

At inclusion in, our role was to provide insights and recommendations on the content and language within the Charter to make it inspiring, informative, and impactful.

As SD Worx have employees based in multiple countries, it was important that our recommendations were suitable for a global audience. Special attention was given to the language used in the Charter to ensure the message would be interpreted as intended internationally. Suggestions were also made around how the Charter could be made more accessible for different neurodivergent groups.

Following initial recommendations, feedback was sought from members of the HR and Marketing teams within SD Worx and amendments were made. inclusion in then conducted a final review based on the second iteration of the DEIB Charter.

The final version of the DEIB Charter was endorsed by the CEO, the CPO, and the Board. We supported the launch by producing a video highlighting the ambition for SD Worx to become ‘one international inclusive company’ and provide both their employees and customers the inclusive experience they expect. The Charter was shared across the entire company of 7000+ employees via the new SD Worx DEIB website and internal communication platforms where a lot of positive feedback was received.